Robby has helped event organisers to promote 2 08 2 9 events.

We help to promote events of every shape and size.

We have worked with the organizers of all types of events to improve their marketing process, including:

Robby saves us time while increasing our market reach dramatically. The tools Robby offers brings us closer to our customers. With Robby we can measure our marketing efforts every step of the way. This company is a lifesaver for every venue in the entertainment sector. —

I love the way Robby aggregates social media and event promotion into a series of tasks which follow one from one another logically. It helps me feel like things are covered and connected. — The Timbre

Robby has become 100% of our marketing online. The time we invest in it is less and the reaction rate is a whole lot better than other systems we’ve used before. — Divadlo Na Santovce

The promotion we send through Robby results in more ticket sales for our events. Great, thanks Robby. — Vivir Valencia

When you have really large events, it's difficult to keep your social engagement coherent. Robby gives us the opportunity to schedule that activity, and brings it back to one, simple interface. At the heart of Robby is the convenience of managing all of our online activity in one single place. — Yerba Buena

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Submit your event once, Robby publishes it everywhere!

Get your event discovered.

The fast, easy way to send your event to 15+ sites.

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  • One click.

    Create your event once and publish it instantly to a huge network online.

  • Get listed.

    Your event goes live on listing sites, social media and on your event page.

  • Boost your brand.

    Start today to increase your reach and get discovered by a new audience online.

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Reach a new audience with your marketing.

Attract new followers, boost your brand and increase the impact of your events by
spreading the word beyond your core audience.



Our event web pages are optimised for search engines. Once synchronized, you can start attracting more traffic in seconds.



Grow your valuable email contact databases directly through the emailing tool. You can easily import your existing databases and watch them grow!



Your existing audience will do some of the hard work for you by spreading the word to their friends with "Likes" and "Tweets".

Attract new followers and grow your database

Understand your audience’s behaviour.

See how your marketing performs and learn how to be more effective in future.

Measure and track your audience


All interactions with your content are tracked, so you can measure the successes across all of your marketing campaigns in one place.

Analytics your audience


Dive into reports on your bulk emails, event web page stats, and text alerts to see how your audience is engaging with your content.

Learn from Robby statistics


Draw accurate conclusions from your marketing efforts. You’ll learn from successes as well as failures, so you can promote and host better and better events.

Gain insights from your audience

Your success matters to us.

We’ll always strive to help you make dramatic improvements to your marketing.


We have a brilliant customer success team who are dedicated to ensuring our customers host successful events using Robby.


If you ever have difficulties, we’re here with the best support and the team will answer any questions you have, whether by email or phone.


We invite our customers to webinars training sessions to help them promote their events successfully.

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The complete lowdown.

Every feature you need for the successful marketing of your next live event.

  • Content

    • Add events with a simple "add event" click.
    • Post a Facebook event page in two clicks.
    • Updates to your event apply everywhere.
  • Social

    • Connect Twitter and Facebook account.
    • Interact across every network.
  • Analytics

    • Track how your marketing is performing.
    • See detailed analytics on your campaigns.
    • See what content is most effective.

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