We started Robby to make it easy for anyone to find the events they like wherever they are.

Robby is the platform where event creators, promoters and attendees converge to publish, broadcast and discover the best happenings across the globe like a local.
Over last years our team has built our entire stack using data all over the world and cross any categories. We are fully bootstrapped, based in Paris, France, and we're just getting started.

There is always something going on.

Wherever you are, whatever you are in the mood for...




Everyone should have a dedicated secretary to find the events we love and manage our time!


ESS, the event feed, is an open source and free XML standard that allows event publishers to broadcast efficiently their content all over the web.
The RFC specification have been submited to the IETF.

OPEN SOURCE : ESS GitHub Repository

Release web multi-languages libraries in PHP an Ruby and Rails in the GitHub repository. Sync. of this repositories with PHP Symphony Packages to reaches the PHP developer community.

OPEN SOURCE : Wordpress Events Manager implemented ESS

With more than 700,000 users, Events Manager is one of the most downloaded events plugin for Wordpress.Thousand of events published on Wordpress are automatically available on

Woow 10,000 Events Publishers Uses ESS!

For its first birthday Robby celebrates its 10,000 events publisher using the ESS standard whom provide 300,000 monthly active events in 1,000,000 cities worldwide, and still counting, we just started!.

Spain Startup South Summit 2014

Robby have been selected with ESS among the top 10 most innovative european startup for the South Summit. Robby have been presented in front european leaders among them Neelie Kroes Vice-President of the European Commission and Eric Schmidt CEO of Google.

Robby IT Core moved to the Google Cloud infrastructure

With more than a million of events sync worldwide, Robby grow fast. It moves all our code, database and static files to the powerful Python environment in the Google Cloud Servers. Robby is ready to scale globally within the Google Cloud Infrastructure.

Sync with mains ticketing APIs

Robby connects to all major ticketing services all over the globe including Seatgeek and Ticketmaster.
Robby Launched an event promotion tool in a SaaS (Software as a Service).

Robby can Sells Tickets Created from

Every events created from can also publish tickets. Users can validated their bank account and receive any credit card payments.

ESS Presentation to the FrenchTech IT Ministry

The French state secretary office of Axelle Lemaire received us for a presentation of ESS as a medium to spread events through the E.U. OpenData Project.
Deployment of a Plugin to Sell Tickets in WordPress.
Thanks to the plugin Events Manager now Robby can sell and broadcast tickets to either and WordPress websites.

Robby is sync with Meetup.

Your personal agenda or favorite's events published in Meetup is now sync with

Robby is Sync with all the French Movies Theatres.

Robby is connected to Allociné to be informed of all the movies that appends all across French theaters.

Robby is Sync with All the Parisian Events.

Robby is connected in real-time with all the events published by the city of Paris.
Synchronization with main event APIs:,,, Thousands of music, business and cultural events worldwide are available on Robby, updated daily and enriched by our proprietary sementic and geographic searching algorithm.
Launch of search engine for the web.

Robby is sync with Google Calendar.

Your calendar managed by Google Calendar is now sync with

Robby is sync with iOS Calendar.

Your calendar managed by iOS Calendar is now sync with

Robby is sync with Facebook Events.

Your personal calendar and public events managed by Facebook Events App is now sync with

Robby is sync with Foursquare.

Your calendar managed by Foursquare app is now sync with

Robby is sync with Asana.

Your calendar managed by Asana is now sync with

Robby is sync with Evernote.

Your calendar managed by Evernote is now sync with

Robby is sync with Todoist.

Your calendar managed by Todoist is now sync with

Robby is sync with Wunderlist.

Your calendar managed by Wunderlist is now sync with

Robby is sync with Trello.

Your calendar managed by Trello is now sync with

Robby use Node.js

Robby Calendar Webapp is build with Node.js, ReactJS and NPM libraries.
The data are available in real-time thanks to our Socket Server.
Robby process in Natural languages.
Thanks to an in-house Natural Language Processor to simplify the events creation on mobile.

Robby use TensorFlow.

Robby analyses public events, users calendars and 3rd party user's data with Google TensorFlow to give a sense, understand and learns from user's behavior.

Robby Mobile App is build with React Native.

Robby use the React Native technology to share the same langage across iOS, Android and Webapp: React Native in JavaScript transcoded into Java and ObjecticeC.
Robby traces users geolocation to find the best events arround.
Robby have been selected among 16 international AI statups at the pitch battle at the main Agora stage at the VivaTech 2017.
Robby Push Notification.
To stay tuned in real-time of a changing event, an invitation or a trendy hapening aroud you, robby can now send you Push Notifications.
Robby App for iOS: iPhone / iPod.
The all-in-one calendar powered by Robby the AI assistant have been published in beta for iPhone.
Talk with Robby in Messenger / Facebook Messages, Scan this image with the Messenger App, or say Hello Robby. here.

Multi-languages support

Robby support multi-languages, the app have been translated in 32 languages and is availlable in all international App Stores.
The Future of Calendars is Open
Meet the team behind Robby